Focused on providing the best experiences

4Student is the first student platform focused on providing the best experiences and connections for students. In addition to housing service, with well located apartments, close to housing service, with well located apartments, close to universities and with an ideal structure to receive young people, we are here to be a safe haven.

Therefore, all the necessary support for our community: from essential services such as electronics rental and repairs in the property, even restaurant tips and itineraries for incredible further optimize the university experience..

Who moves this idea


Helping students since 2017

Founded in 2017, 4Student is a 360 company. By that, we mean that we care about looking at and connecting all the fronts that make up our community.

Students, property owners and service providers are our partners - and our top priority!

The best assistence

In terms of student housing, we manage all the processes involved in the leasing stages and we offer the assistance necessary for students to feel at home.

We have hundreds of apartments available, with the ideal structure to receive them and located in areas close to university institutions.

Do you want to transform your space into extra income?

Advertising with us is free!

We produce professional photos of your property, we take care of all digital strategy, we guarantee that your rent is paid on time and that your apartment is preserved as it deserves.

All work carried out is on us.

Problems with the property?

Any problem with the property, need for services or repairs, just call 4Student! We also hold events integration for everyone who arrives in SP and an exclusive match system of integration for those who want to share the house! all this in a way facilitated, bureaucracy-free and totally secure

Our Partners