Frequently Asked Questions

About 4Student

Do you only help Brazilians?
Do you rent the property and sublet?

Find your apartament!

I liked the apartment cod. x, what are the next steps?
How is it possible to visit the apartments?

I want to rent an apartment with my friends,can I do that with 4Student?
I want to rent an apartment with more people, but I don't know anyone in São Paulo, how does it work?

I am not a student, can I rent an apartment through 4Stu?
How contractual fine works at 4Student?

About the apartments

EIs there an additional cost if I close with you and not in the student building?
I contacted 4Student after talking to the student building, is there a problem?


I only want to rent one of the rooms in the apartment, is that possible?
I don't have pictures of my apartment, do I need to hire a photographer?

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